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Introduction of Goryeo Daejanggyeong Palman-daejanggyeong, stored in Haein-sa, is officially ¡°Goryeo Daejanggyeong.¡± However, the numbers of plates are about 80,000 giving more famous name, ¡°Palman-daejanggyeong¡± Furthermore people in ancient India called very much numbers as ¡°85,000¡±, and evil passion in Buddhism is called ¡°84,000 evil passions.¡± Also, Buddha had lectures to public saying ¡°his way to be Buddha is 84,000 Buddhism writings.

Palman-Daejanggyeong is still left in almost perfect condition ever since it has been made 750 years ago.
Also Palman-Daejanggyeong is the oldest wooden block Buddhism plates: it has collected and described the wisdom of Buddha, and helped the studies and spreads of Buddhism.
In addition, Palman-Daejanggyeong made very impressive effect on printing and publication.

As the value and superiority of Palman-Daejanggyeong becomes famous in the world, UNESCO has authorized the plates of Palman-Daejanggyeong(National Treasure No. 32) and Daejanggyeong Panjeon(National Treasure No. 52) as International Cultural Asset to inspire the world its cultural value and importance and appoint Palman-Daejanggyeong as the world¡¯s treasure which should be kept for our descendants.