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Welcome to homepage of Haein-sa Seongbo Museum.
Haein-sa was founded by Suneung-hwasang and his disciple Yijeong-hwasang in 802 (3rd year of Aejang King, the 40th King of Shilla) to support and spread the spiritual base of Hwaeom-jong.

After the foundation, Haein-sa produced very talented monks: Heerang-daesa, Gyunyeo, and Euicheon. And this gave Haein-sa the proud name of ¡°Hwaeom-jongchal Haein-sa.¡±   In addition, Haein-sa, as Beopbo-jongchal, is one of representation temples in Korea: Haein-sa, Songgwang-sa, and Tongdo-sa.

This is because Haein-sa owns Goryeo-daejanggyeong, also known as Palman-daejanggyeong.Haein-sa has become a lamp delivering disciplines of Buddha, as a center of Korean Buddhism.
With these long history, there are many cultural assets in Haein-sa and its branch temples: Palmal-daejanggyeong, the world¡¯s cutural asset, any other Buddhism cultural assets, clothing of Gwanghaegun, and so on.  

But these cultural assets were exposed in danger of theft and/or damage. Therefore, some monks had built a museum for safety, effective studies, and management of the assets. The construction began in 1997 and finished in 2000. The museum opened in July 5, 2002.   

Since the opening, the museum made effort to give the visitors various experience with many special exhibitions.
These efforts for various experience will be continued, and as one of the effort, we are seeking in many ways for wooden block printing museum which shows the specialty of Haein-sa.
Also we are very happy to give much more informations and data by making homepage, as a part of lottery fund.

From now on, Haein-sa Seongbo Museum will make every effort to give Buddhism culture and other cultural experiences to our visitors.

Once again, thank you for your visit, and may the mercy of Buddha be with you.