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Information of Exhibiting Halls
Haein-sa Seongbo Museum is a building of 1 basement and 2 floors in 3577M^2 area. In the building, exhibiting halls, the storage room for cultural assets, a stage, seminar rooms, Daejanggyeong experiencing room, and rooms for the picture of Buddha are ready.
Exhibiting halls in 1st floor is consisted of Haein history hall, sculpture hall, painting hall, craft hall, and calligraphic painting hall.
On the 2nd floor, Paik Namjuní»s Goryeo-daejanggyeong video art is installed for the experience of the meeting of modern art and Buddhism.

History Hall - History hall displays the history of Haein-sa since the foundation. Including the picture of Suneung-hwasang, the founder, the hall shows Sotap excavated in Gilsang-tap, Tapji, Gyeongpan representing Goryeo age, the picture of Yi Geoin who devoted to make Gyeongpan, and Sangryangmun written by Kim Jeonghee whoch shows the history of Jungchang. These will help you to understand the history of Haein-sa.

Sculpture Hall - This hall shows Wooden Heerang-josasang (National Assets No. 999), the only one Korean portrait sculpture, small gold-copper Buddha sculpture foundedin Daejuk Gwangjun, Nahansang, Dongjasang, wooden Jeseok-beomcheon-wangsang from Jinju Cheonggong-sa, and wooden inwangsang.

Painting Hall - This hall helps visitors be interested in and understand about Buddhism paintings by showing Yeongsanhwesangdo (National Asset No. 1273) from Haein-sa Daejeokgwangjeon, Palsangdo folding screen, 33Josado folding screen, Simudo folding screen, Sinjungdo, Sansindo, Josa portraits, and so on

Craft hall - Craft hall shows Hongchi 4Nyeon myeong bells (National Asset No. 1253), representative dishes - Jeongbyeong and Hyangro, Chilbo Candle stand and Okhwa which a king had given. Also, copper firepot and rice-steamer are displayed so that visitors can feel various aspects of Buddhism craft.

Calligraphic painting Hall - Calligraphic painting hall has Eopilcheop and Eopil folding screen which were kept in Haein-sa, autographs of prior president -Lee Seungman and Yoon Boseon, flower-birds picture in late Joseon, and folding screen Emperor Gojong granted are displayed.